HoloGear™ HoloGlasses Holographic Night Vision


The HoloGear™ Holographic Night Vision HoloGlasses are specially manufactured, patent-pending sport glasses that allow you to see the holographic glow effect of our products to your naked eye. The HoloGlasses come with adjustable straps and are sweat resistant, making them perfect for action!

Pair them with any of HoloGear's holographic sports gear and see the magical glow effect to your naked eye. They are a complete breakthrough in sporting goods technology, revolutionizing the way sports are played forever!

Wearing a pair of HoloGlasses makes the glow effect visible to the naked eye. These sports glasses are specially manufactured with new technology so you can continue playing your favorite sports at night - no matter how dark.

Ditch the video games and get active while still using technology! We have solved playing sports at night with our HoloGlasses so you and your friends or teammates can continue practicing when the sun goes down!

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HoloGear truly believes that we make the most innovative sports gear in the world and we want to make sure you can experience this revolution in sports risk-free. Here's how:

We have 24/7/365 email support as well as business hours phone support!

Please email us at support@hologearco.com if you need assistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
My boyfriend and his friends LOVEDDDD the HoloGlasses!!!

My boyfriends and his buddies are always playing basketball in our driveway now at night. Now there is poker night and HoloGlasses Basketball night at the house hahahaha

My Son was quite happy with his bday gift.

Thanks Ryan

Incredible Glasses!

WOW.... I can't speak highly enough about how these have changed the way my kids have gotten out of the house at night instead of having their eyes glued to the dang screen... This is a must buy for any parent looking to get their kids active at night!

These Glasses are absolutely UNREAL!!!!

These glasses absolutely change the game of playing sports at night. Me and my buddies play basketball and football at night with them! I would highly recommend buying these bad boys!! haha


Grandsons are enjoying their Christmas gifts Glad they are happy with them, even though they get them in time for Christmas, well worth the wait.

HoloGear™ HoloGlasses Holographic Night Vision

HoloGear™ HoloGlasses Holographic Night Vision


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