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About Us

HoloGear's Mission:

HoloGear is the next evolution in the world of sports! Our creative new way to add some spark to your skills will change the way that sports content is created and shared forever. Our goal is to get people excited to play the sports that they love and share their amazing skills with others. HoloGear blends the already super popular world of sports and technology together, like never seen before! Our new photo-reflective leather technology makes for the best gifts to sports enthusiasts of all ages. We at HoloGear love technology and sports and believe that both mixed together is a win for everyone. If you are looking to stand out from the crowd with an amazing video highlighting your skills, then HoloGear has the right product for you. If you are a parent that wants to help motivate your kids to go out and have fun playing sports, then HoloGear has the right product for you. Or if you are just looking for the coolest present around, then HoloGear has the right product for you. 

We at HoloGear believe that the customer should always come first, not the business! That is why we offer high-quality products and customer service. We have our own manufacturer to offer you the absolute lowest prices on the best holographic products that you won't find anywhere else. The production of these revolutionary, never before seen products is very detailed and we maintain a very high standard of quality for them, so you may expect shipping times to be around 2-3 weeks. 

HoloGear is working very hard to perfect the manufacturing process of these unique holographic products so we can start to shorten our shipping times and still have a very high-quality product. As a new company with a brand new technology, the learning curve has been pretty steep, but we are now very confident in our capabilities of running a super successful company with amazing products and an amazing team of people. 

HoloGear's Story: 

HoloGear was co-founded in 2019 by Ryan Richards at age 23 and Jonah Belanger at age 24, just one year out of college. They both attended the University of Missouri-Columbia, where they became very good friends. Ryan and Jonah always dreamed up big plans for themselves after college and knew that running a company together would be a dream come true.

Ryan grew up in Riverside, IL where he always enjoyed playing sports, particularly basketball, which he still plays to this day. He attended Fenwick High School in Oak Park, IL and then went on to study Business and Sports Management at Mizzou. All that he has learned from his success in sports and time at college have played a major role in HoloGear's development.

Jonah grew up in Marion, IL, competing in both wrestling and gymnastics at a high level throughout his youth. His family owns several gymnastic facilities in the area and has two younger brothers that are famous YouTubers. Jonah went on to attend Marion High School and then studied Economics and Health Sciences at Mizzou. He was able to learn a lot from his family business and his brother's success, which he has been able to apply to HoloGear. Jonah also has a relentless will to learn and succeed, which was the driving factor in making HoloGear a reality. 

The idea of HoloGear came to mind one day when Ryan was living at his parents house after college. He wasn't completely satisfied with his current job and decided that he wanted to create and build something that he could be proud of. It was time to chase his dreams, knowing that the NBA wasn't an option for him, selling basketballs came right to mind. Ryan knew Jonah would be right there to support his vision and make it a reality so they got to brainstorming. With both of their creative minds put together, the idea of HoloGear came to life and they haven't looked back since.