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Our Story

HoloGear's Timeline 

December 2018

Jonah is graduating with a business degree and Ryan is graduating with a sports management, both from the University of Missouri. They love playing sports together and noticed they couldn't play sports easily at night. That’s when they got the inspiration to fill a place in the market that hasn’t been filled too well.

March 2019

Ryan called Jonah after graduating, wanting to develop a better way to play sports at night. Ryan noticed that there weren’t any effective night-friendly solutions on the market, only typical glow-in-the-dark options. They began researching and testing different materials, and began speaking with manufacturers to develop the perfect product. Before long, they had their first prototype!

May 2019

After extensive conversation and more analysis, they filed their first patent on May 3rd, 2019. Ryan and Jonah ordered their first 100 basketballs and started fulfilling and shipping out orders from Ryan's apartment.

October 2019

After months of hard work and creativity, Ryan and Jonah were honored with the opportunity to exhibit their company at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Convention. At the event, the guys discovered that their sports gear and especially their holographic jackets were an absolute hit. To top it off, at this event they got the idea for the revolutionary HoloGlasses. At this time, demand grew for their products and they began to order 500+ balls at a time.

December 2019

Hologear finally made the move out of Ryan’s apartment into their first office space, and hire their very first full-time employee!

January 2020

Ryan and Jonah hired their 2nd employee and sponsored their first major event, which was a celebrity basketball tournament featuring celebrities like Swae Lee and Floyd Mayweather. 

Into the future…

Hologear continues to be a leading innovator in games and sports gear industry. Always on the lookout for the next wave of sports technology, HoloGear is prepared to be the most innovative sporting goods company in the world!


We at HoloGear believe that the customer should always come first, not the business! That is why we offer high-quality products and customer service. We have our own manufacturer to offer you the absolute lowest prices on the best holographic products that you won't find anywhere else. The production of these revolutionary, never before seen products is very detailed and we maintain a very high standard of quality.