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About Us

 HoloGear's Story

HoloGear was co-founded in May of 2019 by Ryan Richards and Jonah Belanger, just one year after graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia. After extensively researching the sporting goods industry, they realized a need for new, innovative, and unique products. Ryan and Jonah knew they created a winning product after developing their patent-pending holographic sports gear. HoloGear quickly gained national attention and were honorably invited to exhibit at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Detroit, MI.
HoloGear sponsored the Boom Cups Celebrity All Star Game in Miami, FL that hosted celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Swae Lee.

The HoloGear brand grew at an exponential rate and relocated from Ryan's parents basement to a 2,000 sq foot office space in Chicago, IL. The HoloGear Team has also grown to six hard-working, full-time employees that are beyond motivated to take HoloGear to the next level and revolutionize the way sports are experienced and played forever!

HoloGear is the next evolution in the world of sports! Our patent-pending sports gear will change the way that you play sports and create content forever! Our goal is to get people excited to play the sports that they love in a brand new way and share their amazing skills with others. HoloGear blends the already super popular world of sports and technology together, like never seen before! 
We at HoloGear believe that the customer should always come first, not the business! That is why we offer high-quality products and customer service. We have our own manufacturer to offer you the absolute lowest prices on the best holographic products that you won't find anywhere else. The production of these revolutionary, never before seen products is very detailed and we maintain a very high standard of quality.