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Mission & Vision

HoloGear’s mission is to become the most innovative, tech-driven sporting goods and apparel company in the world. We plan to continue revolutionizing and enhancing the experience of nighttime athletics with our proprietary, holographic technology.

Our vision is to enable people with the freedom and safety to pursue their athletic goals, regardless of the time of day, and provide them with the opportunity to play sports and be active at night.

Venture capitalist firm Cuse Capital Said:

"Two years ago, we discovered HOLOGEAR on a social media platform selling basketballs out of their mother's garage. Since then we have witnessed them grow this start up business into a disruptive mainstay in the sports and apparel industry. All of this during a pandemic that shut down the world. Ryan is an incredible young entrepreneur who will kill it in this business, as well as in the future. Our fund invested in them in the beginning and we will always continue to support them. Teaming up with WeFunder is a perfect fit and we look forward to this adding to their incredible growth."


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