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      • THE GLOW EFFECT- The HoloGear™ Soccer Ball has been built with our proprietary, holographic technology embedded into the material of the ball. This guarantees that the holographic, glow effect will never fade away and be usable for a lifetime. This ball reflects a powerful, colorful illumination back to the source of the light, resulting in the innovative glow effect of our holographic products.
      • PLAY SPORTS AT NIGHT- This regulation size soccer ball reflects a bright, holographic glow at night when you wear our specially manufactured HoloGlasses. You can shop for additional pairs of HoloGlasses by clicking HERE.
      • CREATE EYE-CATCHING SOCCER CONTENT- Take a flash picture or flash video with the HoloGear™ Soccer Ball to see the holographic glow effect on your phone screen, allowing you to create amazing, eye-catching sports content for you to share with friends, family, and teammates.
      • GO VIRAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA- The photos and videos you create are perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat Hudl, etc. 
      • GIVE A UNIQUE GIFT-  Chances are, no one you know has ever seen a sports ball like the HoloGear™ Soccer Ball. Any sports-lovers is sure to be blown-away by this unique, innovative sport experience!
      • DURABLE, HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL- The HoloGear™ Soccer Balls are manufactured with high-quality polyurethane composite leather and embedded with our proprietary, holographic reflective technology.
      • WHAT'S INCLUDED- The HoloGear Soccer Ball is shipped deflated and comes with one free air pump, and one HoloGlasses. 

  • Details

    • Color: Multi-Color Glow
    • Packaging: Arrives Deflated In Packaging
    • Accessories: One Air Pump and One Pair of HoloGlasses are Included
    • Size & Weight: Regulation Weight, Size 5
    • Material: Polyurethane leather, embedded with patented holographic material


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