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  • THE GLOW EFFECT- The HoloGear™ Holographic Glowing Reflective Soccer Ball ;glows in photos or videos when the camera flash is on, or when you wear a pair of HoloGlasses.
  • GO VIRAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS- The photos and videos you take are great for sharing on social media like Tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat or any other place to share content online.
  • GIVE A UNIQUE GIFT-  Chances are, no one you know has seen a soccer balls like the HoloGear™ Soccer Ball and any sports-lovers you know are sure to be surprised by its unique holographic appearance.
  • DURABLE QUALITY MATERIAL- The HoloGear™ Soccer Ball are made of high quality polyurethane leather that is layered with our signature holographic, reflective technology.


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