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    • OVERVIEW- The HoloGear™ Volleyball is made of patented holographic, reflective leather that is revolutionizing the way volleyball is played and experienced across the world. As the innovators of this groundbreaking sporting goods technology, we are proud to introduce you to the future of sports!
    • DURABLE QUALITY MATERIAL- The HoloGear™ Volleyballs are made of high quality polyurethane leather that is embedded with our patented holographic, reflective sport technology.
    • PLAY SPORTS AT NIGHT-This regulation size volleyball reflects a bright, holographic glow at night when you wear our specially manufactured HoloGlasses.You can shop for additional pairs of HoloGlasses by clicking HERE.
    • PERFECT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS- The photos and videos you take are great for sharing on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok or any other place to share content online.
    • GIVE A UNIQUE GIFT- Chances are you'll be giving out the best gift to any age or skill-level sport enthusiast, as this groundbreaking sporting goods technology is still brand-new to the market and loved by everyone!
    • WHAT'S INCLUDED- he HoloGear Volleyball is shipped deflated and comes with one free air pump, and one HoloGlasses.  


  • Color: Multi-Color Glow
  • Packaging: Arrives Deflated In Packaging
  • Accessories:One Air Pump and One Pair of HoloGlasses are Included
  • Size: Regulation Size and Weight
  • Material: PU Holographic Leather


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