The Future of Sports - Ordinary Sports Versus HoloGraphic Sports

Technology changes the world around us. It changes the way we experience the world. It changes the way we do everyday things. Social media changes the way we interact with others. Cameras let us capture moments in time. Taking a photo or recording a video changes the way we experience our favorite memories. When we experience different moments in our lives we want to capture and cherish them. When we capture sports with HoloGear you can cherish them in a fun, new and exciting way.

The Experience of Playing with Ordinary Sports Gear

Watching sports on camera can be dull and unexciting. Have you ever filmed a game and not been able to tell what was actually going on? Have you ever watched sports being filmed and not see the ball and where it’s going? Have you missed an important goal because you couldn’t see it on the screen? You can hardly see the ball. A normal ball has hardly any resolution to the naked eye. Don’t you want a ball you can actually see on the screen? Even one that glows in spectacular colors. The answer isHoloGear.

The value of experiencing ordinary sports is outdated. Here’s why:

  • It’s dull.

  • It’s hard to see.

  • You don’t know where it’s going.

  • It doesn’t grab your attention.

The Awesome Experience of Playing with Holographic Sports Gear

There is no more wondering where the ball is and what’s going on, because of HoloGear. It brings filming your friends playing sports out of the dark and into the light. HoloGear uses holographic technology which reflects the use of light on your phone, in the sun and in their new HoloGlasses into a rainbow effect like you have never seen before and always wanted to. Wouldn’t it be much more exciting to see the ball wherever it goes on the screen? Have you ever been able to turn on your camera and watch your favorite sport ball light up on the screen or to your naked eye? Well HoloGear can.

Have you ever seen anything like this? You can capture all your sports highlights and games with the ball being the main focus. It brings to light what’s really going on when we engage in sports with friends and family. The ball is the main focus so why not highlight it, especially in a way that has never been seen before. Every movement can be captured in a dazzling display of every spectrum of light. Playing with holographic sports gear changes the game and revolutionizes the way see and experience the sports that we love.

The unique value of playing with holographic sports gear solves your problems when engaging in competition online and in person. Here’s how:

  • It makes the ball the focus of the game.

  • You can shoot pictures and videos on your phone while the ball lights up in a spectacular rainbow colorright before your eyes as you play your favorite games.

  • HoloGlasses let you see the ball in all its holographic glory as you play at night with your friends and family.

  • You will not lose sight of the ball because it reflects the light to make it more visible to the naked eye.

  • Light tracks the ball in real time so there is no more wondering where the ball is and where it’s going.

Bring your A game with all your friends outside and post it on your social media pages for everyone else to see. There is no better way to show off your best plays with your favorite game. We can now truly highlight the most popular games in the world: basketball, football, volleyball, and soccer. These games are begging to be captured with HoloGearand put right to your social media page. Why would you record trick shots without HoloGear?The best trick shots online, on your phone, and in the dark are made with HoloGear.The best games are captured with HoloGear.Your games and goals are now cooler than ever. You will never want to capture your favorite moments, playing your favorite games with your best friends without HoloGear again. Taking your game to the next level and into new light. The future of sports is here.


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