The New Childhood - HoloGear Evolution and the Preservation of Childhood

Childhood, for most of us, consisted of our activity interacting face to face with other people. Deriving our joy from the thoughts and emotions we express with each other. We seem to be losing our sense of attachment to the feelings we express with others. Even our recognition of how the way our actions affect the feelings of the people around us. Some of us feel as if our social intuitions and skills are being taken away by technology. Even though the developed world is driven by technology, our lives are being consumed by television, video games, apps, tablets, and smartphones.

We have this sentimentality of going to the park, playing on the jungle gym, going to the local pool, jumping off the diving board, playing sports in the backyard, riding bikes all over town, walking in the forest, and playing tag. This is not the same world we use to live in. This is not the world our children are living in anymore. We have crossed the threshold into a world that depends on advanced technologies to live in a modern society and the scale too which appropriate social interaction has reached nuclear proportions. Our political system has become a tirade of twitter bombs. The joy of experiencing a smile on another person's face is reduced to an emoji or a like button.

Is this a world we want our children to inherit? Can we improve technology where technology and social interaction become one and the same thing? Can we create a technology that is capable of the same atmospheric setting and thrill of a jungle gym and a video game? These are the questions that HoloGear has given great thought. 

The world is beginning to explore holographic technology that could change the game, literally. To learn more about holographic augmented reality click on the link for the previous article on HoloGears Blog called The Future of Everyday Technology. Essentially it brings the physical-social world and the world of technology together.

Holographic technology can project photographic images into the real world to interact with each other just like you would experience through current two dimensional screen technologies or you would be talking to a friend face to face. This brings all the fun of being on your tablet or smartphone without sacrificing our much needed emotional interaction with other people. You could play poker with your friends at your house without a poker set. You could hide from a dragon in the jungle gym and defeat it in the park. You could play football as if you were playing the new Madden game. This brings a whole new dimension to the world of games and gaming. All the games we love can be projected out into the real world.

There are endless amounts of ways of mapping the digital world with the physical world. Experimenting with what we do on computers, with what we do in the physical world. It is the next leap in the innovation of everyday technology. It will change the way we think and interact with each other in more expansive ways. It is a brave new world. It is The New Childhood.

One of the companies breaking barriers in holographic technology is HoloGear.Sportsgear that uses holographic technology to change the way we experience sports and interact with each other. HoloGear has invented what they call HoloGlasses,which project rainbow like holographic images onto your favorite sports gear at night such as basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, sweatshirts, and arm sleeves, so you can experience all the magic of holographic technology through the games we call sports.

Playing sports with HoloGear combines the wild imagination of video games with real and socially interactive sports. You are now thrown into a world where Super Mario meets basketball, football, volleyball or soccer. All of your sports gear lights up at night by wearing your HoloGlasses and your holographic reflective sports gear. The holographic experience puts you in the sports arena of your dreams without sacrificing the joy of experiencing the real game side by side with your friends. Your game is lit up in fantastic colors as you play at night. You can dazzle along the court or the field in a way that was only ever imagined through a futuristic computer simulation. Playing sports outside with your friends is just as fantastic and mind-blowing as playing on your computer. This changes the game and transforms the way get out and play with our friends while fulfilling our imagination of diving into our own fantasy worlds. 

HoloGear is blurring the lines between social activity and our beloved technologies. Soon it may be the new normal to "live online" with all the new developments in augmented and holographic realities. Having to go outside the house to experience this wonderous world and interact with other human beings may be a reality of the past. 

-Written by William Richards


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