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HoloGear Holographic Glowing Reflective Volleyball


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The HoloGear Volleyball uses brand new, patent-pending technology to make our holographic game playable ball. This breakthrough brings a whole new approach to the sport of Volleyball. The color vibrancy of this ball enhances your ability to detect the spin, like never before seen!

How it works

Our volleyball glows on your phone screen when you take a flash video or flash picture with the ball, like never seen before. Be the first to show all your friends the coolest volleyball ever! Now you can create eye-catching volleyball highlights that show off your amazing skills and share them with your friends, family, and followers on social media in a brand new way. Light up your game today!



HoloGear knows how important it is to have an extremely durable and reliable ball while playing so we spent several months perfecting the feel, bounce, and playability of the HoloGear Volleyball. We manufacture our volleyballs with the same rubber bladder and seams of a normal volleyball so it plays the same, but then you have the added glow effect due to the application of our patent-pending holographic material

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HoloGear truly believes that we make the most innovative sports gear in the world and we want to make sure you can experience this revolution in sports without any risk. Here's how:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I am so far very pleased do to weather we haven’t been able to pump all the balls I have ordered from you as far as service in receiving them it was quick

Love ❤️ this volleyball!!

My girls love this volleyball and all of their teammates are so excited when they bring it to practice. It is a really cool style and very durable and well worth the money.


Good quality, good size. It looks black until the light hits it certain ways so you don’t constantly see the holographic effect. The kids all loved them as Christmas gifts!


These balls do not disappoint! My niece is getting the volleyball and my son is getting the basketball and I know they will both be thrilled!


They are Christmas Gifts